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I received a letter this week from Judy who asked me what is the difference between a Psychic, a Medium, and a Clairvoyant. Please see her question below and my subsequent reply.

  Judy's Letter

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Dear Alison,

Please help! I am getting a bit confused about the descriptions of people who do readings. Some are Tarot Readers, some call themselves Psychics, others Mediums, and there are also Clairvoyants. More recently I have heard people call themselves empaths or Intuitives. What do all of these mean, and what are the differences between them if any?

Many thanks,

Judy T Miller.

  My Reply

Hola Judy What a very good question! No wonder you are getting confused. So many descriptions! A lot of these titles refer to someone who is psychic. Psychic ability is being able to use all the senses in a natural way without analysing what is happening. For example, someone who is clairvoyant will see clearly, either in meditation or when working with the spirit world. Someone who is clairsentient feel or senses spirit around them and a clairaudient hears spirit. The general meaning of being psychic is someone who is sensitive to non-physical or supernatural nature. I teach Psychic Development classes and to help my students I wrote the spiritual meaning for everything spiritual which I felt would help them determine the difference between, for example, a Medium, and a Psychic Intuitive. As they develop during the course, I can see quite clearly which of them are clairvoyant, or clairsentient and/or clairaudient. With experience on a Psychic Development course, some people can use all these senses in a natural way when communicating with the Spirit World. As a Clairvoyant Medium, this is how I work. The Clairvoyant part of my work involves me being able to ‘see clearly’ through visions and impressions from the ‘brow chakra’ also known as The Third eye which stands for intuition, understanding and mysticism. As a Medium, I can utilise all my senses and abilities as well as communicating with spirit who have passed over to the next world, often giving messages comfort and guidance to their loved ones on the earth plane. All of this combined means that I am psychic. In a nutshell when I am doing platform work or I am doing a 1 to 1 reading, I have to use all my heightened senses and highly developed powers in order to translate the information I receive from the spirit world. This means deciphering the words, feelings, images, sounds, smells, etc that I receive and conveying them to the recipient(s) in a way that will make sense to that person or persons. For more information, please see my article below which explains further. With many blessings, Alison



Channelling is a word that describes anyone who is able to receive messages from higher guidance.


This seems to be a more modern term for someone who is possibly psychic but is also empathic, being able to control these abilities through spiritual protection. They can unfold their empathic abilities into psychic ones connecting with a client at a higher understanding helping them to heal and release.


Everyone has intuition but some people have a stronger intuition or ‘gut feeling’ than others.  As an intuitive you will be able to receive information from spirit through a highly developed intuition.

Tarot card Readers

Tarot card readers often describe themselves as being able to 'see into the future'. The Tarot Cards themselves are a fortune telling tool in which the reader deciphers the pictures on the cards in order to predict certain events in someone's life often working on the past, present and the future. The cards consist of a deck of 78 cards - 4 suits of 14 cards each in the minor arcana and 22 cards in the major arcana.


Telepathy is transmitted information from one mind to another.  It is a way that Mediums can communicate with their spirit guides and the spirit world in general as no words are spoken. Telepathy is a natural form of communication – you only have to look at animals how they sense and know something is about to happen which is often hard for humans to perceive. Telepathy works on a different vibration beyond our natural senses or physical interaction.

Psychic Detective

A psychic detective is someone who helps Police to find missing persons in unsolved crimes by following the clues obtained via their own psychic antennae or through communication with dead missing people.

Rescue Medium

A Rescue Medium is someone who can use all heightened senses which they need to communicate with spirits who have, for whatever reason, resisted going to the light at the point of death. They are usually called in by families whose homes are haunted by spirit(s) who are causing mayhem via unexplained activity/phenomena. As a  Rescue Mediums I need all my wits about me in order to tell the story of the spirit who is stuck between two worlds as well as ‘persuade’ the spirit to walk towards the light to their loved ones on the other side.

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