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I’m going to talk to you today about building an angel altar, to help you to bring a little bit of magic into your home life and into your personal life. Creating an angel altar is a place of tranquility where you can communicate with the celestial realms, invoking their combined energies and unconditional love. Together with the angelic offerings on your altar you will have a place to ask for divine help through meditation, thought and celebration.

The first angel altars were used as far back as Neolithical times and although the items placed on the altar, as well as the altar itself, were crude affairs, this did not deter from the fact that primitive man believed in other-worldly beings of love and light.

They made each artefact themselves, which was then placed onto the altars, as they paid homage to those within another dimension. The angelic altars in Neolithical times would have been dedicated to fertility Gods and Goddesses such as the fertility God Ishtar, who was the ancient Goddess of love and war. She was better known as Aphrodite and eventually became the most ambitious Goddess worshipped by man.

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Proof of Neolithical man dedicating their altars to the Gods and Goddesses are found by countless traces left behind by ancient man and dug up by archaeologists. These can be found in museums all over the world. These artefacts have a beauty of their own and were obviously very magical

So just think about it, if primitive man was in touch with his spiritual side, and prayed to higher energies and the divine, then why shouldn’t you?

So why create a home altar?

An angelic altar in your home is a wonderful way to feel close to the angels. It’s a place of worship where you can open your heart and mind as well as being able to express yourself emotionally, spiritually and artistically. By consciously creating an altar, you are welcoming spiritual and magical experiences into your life. The power of the altar speaks for itself, it is a tangible area which is a portal to serenity. Each item will be chosen by you and has therefore been charged with your energies and love, which will raise the vibration of this area and help to draw the angels even closer to you. Your angel altar will ensure the presence of the angels.

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I am very proud of my own angel altars but I laugh sometimes when people look at me with surprise on their faces when I tell them that I have altars in my home. I’m sure they think that I live in a converted church or something! The reality is that it’s a sacred place where I can be at one with my guardian angel - to ‘simply be’..

The majority of life is spent at home and our homes retain energy whether negative or positive. So because we have good memories in a home where we laugh, play, relax and create a loving and comfortable living area to come home to, why not help to elevate those wonderful energies? However sometimes there are negative things that happen in the home such as relationships, stress or upset. By building an altar in the home this can help to dispel negative residual energy in order for you to make life affirming decisions for the best of all concerned.

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Everybody who comes into my own home says how positive the atmosphere is. As they walk through each room they can see all the angel altars which create a welcoming serene ambience of peace. Not only is my home full of angels, it’s full of elementals such as unicorns and fairies, as well as pictures of power animals. I even have a picture of one of my spirit guides which hangs on the wall by my angel altar.

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My altars include a practical working altar and a larger altar which I’m going to talk to you about in a minute. Both of them are in full use and each of the items have been lovingly picked by me and placed on the altar in honour of the angels. The first altar I built is a small working altar in our conservatory and it’s opposite a small shelf opposite a large open window, where I can see the garden in all it’s glory. I wanted the altar in here because it combines the energy of the angels and Mother Nature, and the altar may be small but it is practical. The area is light, and I find I write most of my meditations in here for my angel workshops and spiritual development classes, with the help of the angels of course.The altar in my meditation room is larger and I refer to it as my ‘angelorium’, I created this room and dedicated it to the angels as my small angel altar grew and grew when I was bought more angel items as gifts from loved ones. I have a table which is full of angelic crystals, angels figurines (large and small) and candles which have a magical vibration of their own.

The walls in my ‘angelorium’ are adorned with pictures of angels and ascended masters, and I proudly display my angel magic and Angelic Reiki certificates in here too. This room is quite simply a magical haven of tranquility, and as soon as anyone steps through the room they say: “wow” as they look around, and instantly say how lovely and peaceful it feels. I can’t count the many times I’ve seen someone relax right in front of my eyes. My angel altars are the pivotal place in my home where I feel comforted, safe and at peace and I just cannot imagine my home without them.

So what do I do when I’m away from home? And what would you do if you were working from a suitcase, going away for a few days, or working away for quite a while?

Ideally an angel altar should be a permanent affair, well in this day and age we’re often travelling, so if like me you find yourself working away from home from time to time, my motto is that a temporary altar is better than no altar.

When working in Canada I created a space for my altar in my suite in Toronto and lovingly placed my angel items and candles onto it. Although it wasn’t a permanent affair, it looked beautiful nonetheless and it was a place where, away from home, I could talk to the angels. After a hard days filming working on the show ‘Rescue Mediums’ and rescuing lost souls, it was lovely to walk into the room, kick my shoes off, ground myself yet again, light the candle at my altar and tell the angels all about my day, and thank my guardian angels for being right by my side.

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Many of you will display items around the house in groups without realising that you’re doing this and when you do display items around the room, items that you love, whether they’re photographs, or figurines, they are creating positive energies within the room because of the love they have been placed there with. For example, how often have you visited friends or relatives who have lovely arrangements in their house, such as photographs, plants, flowers and ornaments, and they’ve been lovingly placed that way.

The room always feels peaceful, bright and positive, particularly around that spot. So what do we call these groups of items that have been lovingly placed, but not actively built as an altar as such? These are called subliminal altars.

Now that you know the history of the altar, and why creating one in your home is a divine idea, it’s now time for you to have fun and get to work. The first thing you need is to is to have some ‘you’ time. Switch off your phone so you won’t be disturbed, and dedicate your time to link in with the angels, by walking around your home and deciding where you’d like your altar to be placed. It really does need to be in a quiet area, where you can talk to your angels in peace. So the kitchen, which does tend to be the busiest room in the house, is not a particularly good idea.

Once you’ve chosen your room, you’ll need a sturdy piece of furniture as the base of your altar, such as a window sill, mantelpiece, table, part of a bookshelf or even a shelf. One of my angel altars is on a small shelf and it is practical and it works really well, so it is entirely up to you.

One of the main things to do is ensure that the room is dust-free and clutter-free, and you will also need to clean the surface on your chosen area for your alter. So clean it off, get rid of all the dust and get it ready to talk to the angels, because it is not long now before you can.

You’re going to bless your altar by dabbing each corner with essential oil, and the choice is yours, but I use lavender for mine, which is relaxing, cleansing and has a balancing effect. You can, if you wish to, drape a lace runner or cloth over your altar, in any of the colours of the angelic realms; white, ivory, silver or gold. These are the highest vibrational colours in the angelic realm. The candles are one of the most important aspects of the angel altar, they are symbolic of light, joy, life giving power and spiritual enlightenment.

Place two candles on either side of your altar and these again should be in white, gold, silver, or ivory. White if you can, because that is the colour of purity and divine light.

So now it’s time to enjoy finding items for your altar, and it’s up to you what you choose. But make sure it’s something that’s representative of the angelic realms, such as angel figurines, pictures, angelic crystals, flowers or even a pot of angel dust, and angel affirmations are a really good one to raise the vibrations in the room.

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Fresh flowers are also a lovely gift to the angels as long as you throw them away once they start to wilt. You may find that you already have items around the house that you can put straight away onto your altar, just have a think and have a good look through everything. What about looking through your Christmas decorations? Because angel tree ornaments are perfect. Angel pins are also ideal, as are your angel oracle sets. Just imagine how magical they will feel when you are shuffling your deck ready to do a reading, because they will have been charged with pure angelic energy from your angel altar.

Now you’re going to charge your item, each one in turn, before you place it onto the altar. Hold the item in your left hand and cup your right hand over it. Sit with your eyes closed for a moment and imagine a golden light around your item, feel the warmth of it in your hand and imagine a white light around the outside of your hands. When you are ready, place your charged item onto the altar.

To finish, place an incense holder or burner onto the altar and light the stick or burner as your repeat this beautiful angel incantation:

I dedicate this altar to the celestial beings of love and light, and ask that the angels enter my home and life, helping me to make positive changes and increase my spirituality. I ask that my own guardian angel stands by my side in love and encouragement. Let me be open to the voices of all angels. This is my angelic altar which will create a divine link between me and the angelic realm. So mote it be.

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