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Air, is connected to the breath of life, the wind through the trees and dealing with communication and power of the mind. The four elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These elements are the root of all matter, and stand for creation itself. Without even one of the elements, our planet would not exist. Throughout ancient, medieval and modern times through many cultures and philosophies, these four elements have been written about in teachings from around the world with tools and artefacts uncovered as proof that these people existed and lived in balance with the knowledge of the elements.

In these ancient times, the four elements were considered the building bricks of the Universe with wise beings of those times seeing themselves as a reflection of the Universe by studying mother nature and the stars using the information they obtained as a method of understanding our Creator, and themselves. Every day we walk upon the earth, Feel every breath we take and the wind in our hair, warm ourselves beside the fire, and wash ourselves in water. Air stands for thought, Fire for desire, Water for emotions, and Earth for stability, and many sayings have derived from this such as ‘Flames of Passion’ – Fire, ‘Solid as a Rock’ – Earth, ‘Cool breeze of reason’ – Air, and ‘Swamped by emotion’ – Water. The element of Air is particularly significant in magic, because just like magic, it cannot be seen. The element of air is very powerful as it provides oxygen for all living beings on earth and its symbol is a pair of wings standing for communication, freedom, mental power and the intellect. The wings are significant in magic as they stand for everything spiritual and the heavenly realms as Angels are depicted with wings. The angels of air are also associated with knowledge, the intellect and understanding the mysteries and they have a way of sweeping away everything old and musty, bringing in sweetness and allowing us to cause spiritual actions and processes. Ask the Angels of Air to give you peace and strength if you require assistance with a past life regression or previous incarnation. The element of air is connected to the soul and powers of the mind, and as such, the Angels of Air will assist in dispelling any negativity from memories of past lives, helping you to bring new ideas to fruition as well as recognising fresh opportunities that come your way. The Angels of Air will also assist with psychometry, hypnosis and astral projection, wrapping you in their loving wings in the process. The Archangel that is associated with the element air is Archangel Raphael who is known as the healer, or the doctor.

  Angel Bells

A beautiful ritual you could carry out in your home is that of the Angel Bells which will welcome the Angels of Air and the elementals of that realm. You will need a set of wind chimes or hanging bells that create a lovely tinkling noise when rung. If possible, try to get them in the shape or form of angels but if this isn't possible any lovely chimes will do. Go with what you are drawn to. Hang them outside your house and ring them gently three times, calling on the Angels of Air to bless your home. Wait for a while after you have hung them and before long, the breeze will take the chimes and ring them in reply. This is a message from the angels to let you know your spell has been heard and answered!

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