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Meditations come in many forms. Some people find it easier to follow a guided meditation in a group or class situation. Others prefer to be on their own listening to a guided meditation CD or preferring to go on their own journey within meditation. Whatever you choose, this is your experience and no two meditations are the same even in a group guided meditation.

  1. Find somewhere quiet where you are not going to be disturbed, with no phones ringing, dogs barking, etc.
  2. Put some relaxing music on (low)
  3. Light a couple of candles, aromatherapy oil, and/or some incense. (Remember to look after your safety - do not leave any burning when you are not in the room!)
  4. Either sit upright in a chair with your eyes closed and hands on your knees or lie down with eyes closed (It may be preferable with meditation to sit in a chair as there is less likelihood of you falling asleep!) First of all, you are going to ground or anchor yourself. To do this, imagine roots that look like tree roots, growing from the soles of your feet connecting with mother earth. If you are feeling negative in any way, let those feelings run through you and out into the earth.
  5. The next step is a protective measure, and I want you to imagine a large ball of light over your head (crown chakra). The ball of light descends around your body, wrapping you in a cocoon of beautiful light. If you prefer, you can imagine a deep purple velvet cloak with long sleeves and a hood. Put the cloak on, button it to the top, and put the hood up. You can of course, use your own protective shield. It is entirely up to you which method you use!
  6. You are now ready to start meditating.

The hardest thing to do is to still your mind, which comes with practice. Release any negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations or by learning to quieten your mind.  

  1. Start off by concentrating on your breathing. Inhale two long deep breaths, exhaling slowly and steadily.
  2. Imagine going to a beach, a lovely garden or somewhere familiar to you, where you can relax.
  3. Enjoy your meditation, believe in your ability to quieten your mind, and focus on any images, colours or messages you receive within the meditation.
  4. It is a good idea to write down your meditations in a journal including how you felt, what you saw, sensed, smelled etc. As you look back through your journal you will see how you have gone deeper within your meditations and how you have grown through the experience.
  5. Do not worry if you feel you don't get much to start with. Please, whatever you do, don't give up! Meditating is a wonderful and breathtaking experience. As with everything else, the more you practice, the more rewarding it will be. Just let your mind become free, and open, and more than anything, trust and believe.....

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