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The angels connect with us through our dreams in many ways, such as giving us messages so we know how to deal with problems in our daily lives. Angels don't have to appear in our dreams but of course when they do, be sure that the magic will begin, because when you are in a dream state it is a wonderful way of communicating with your angels as an un-intrusive way of receiving messages from a higher source. And relax. Dreams are just one of the celestial signs that the angels can communicate with us. When we are asleep, we are on a completely different vibration because our sub-conscious mind is more receptive to messages from a higher plane whereas in waking life our conscious mind may disregard certain information. Because we are in a relaxed state of being, it makes it much easier for our angels to give us messages either as an answer to a prayer for the present, healing for the past or clues for the future.

Dream diary

It is a good idea to get yourself a dream diary. This could be anything from a writing pad, to a more elaborate diary which will become even more magical if you decorate it yourself with all things angel. A dream diary is imperative when connecting with your Guardian Angel through your dreams. Write them down as soon as you wake up because if you have similar dreams, there could be a pattern to them and the answer will be clear to see. If you don't understand your dream, look up the meaning, there are many books or sites online that will help you to determine what your dreams are about and more importantly will assist in understanding the divine message given to you by your Guardian Angel.

Asking for a celestial sign

Did you know that you can ask your angel to appear, or to give you celestial signs through your dreams? As the saying goes, ask and it shall be given. Remember that the angels are waiting in the wings for your call, once you ask, they will reciprocate in kind.

Mary's story

This is a true story told to me by a lovely young lady who felt frightened this particular night after waking after a nightmare.   I went to bed, fell fast asleep and woke up after a scary dream where I felt a negative energy around me. My heart was beating fast and I couldn't get rid of the feeling so I called out for Archangel Raphael the healer, and Archangel Michael the Warrior to help me. After a short while, I felt the atmosphere in the room change, and instantly started to calm down. As I drifted off into a peaceful sleep I felt as if I was being given a beautiful angelic hug, and the image that was given to me was that of Archangel Raphael lying down beside me, giving me healing. To my amazement I could also see Archangel Michael at the foot of the bed, protecting me.  If Mary hadn't called on the angels to assist after her nightmare, she certainly wouldn't have felt calm, or fallen into a peaceful sleep, waking up feeling refreshed. Always remember, if you need help, ask the angels!

How to ask your angel for messages through your dreams

Write it down!

First of all, make sure that you are in a calm state of being by preparing your space. If you've had a hard day at work or an argument with somebody and you go to bed feeling angry, hurt or upset, it will make it more difficult for your angel to connect with you as your mind may be wandering and you may stay awake half the night worrying. Place a dream diary and a pen, or piece of paper by your bed because even though you may remember a dream when you first wake up, once you are caught up in your busy day, the content of the dream can often get forgotten. You won't be happy if you miss a crucial message, direct from your Guardian Angel!

Prepare your space

Make sure that your bedroom is tidy and dust-free. Open the windows if you can, to let some fresh air in and place a cleansed rose quartz on your bedside cabinet. Run yourself a warm bath with a few drops of lavender aromatherapy oil, this will help you to feel relaxed. While in the bath, inwardly ask your Guardian Angel to come forward in your dream to help you with any problems, or any questions you may have. Be specific, and always remember to say thank you to your angel.

Tea, anyone?

If you want a drink before bedtime, some green tea or chamomile tea is a good idea, as is water. I always take a large bottle of water to bed with me, it's cleansing, helps to stop you feeling dehydrated and is extremely good for you.

Calling in your angel

Just before you go to sleep, light a white candle, close the windows if you wish, and say the following incantation

  Dear Guardian Angel in this hour, I call upon your angel power. At this time and in this night, please surround me with your celestial light. Angel dear, please hear my plea I ask that through my dreams, you come to me. 

Say the words slowly, and with intent, that is, to believe 100% that your angel will either appear in your dream or leave you a message. The message could be a vision, name, number, or a feeling of overwhelming love and joy. Please don't worry if nothing happens the first time you try this. It may be that you don't believe in yourself enough, or you may feel closed to the angels for some reason and it will take you time to connect with their energy once more. Repeat the angel dream incantation 2 to 3 times each week which will help to build up a strong link between you and your angel. Remember to write your dreams down, and look up their meanings. If you don't, you could be missing a divine message from your Guardian Angel through your dreams.

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