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I have written this article to help you believe in your dreams. Cosmic Ordering works for many people, myself included but quite a few people recently have said they find it difficult asking the Universe for what they want. They like to 'see' something in their mind's eye and many find it strange shouting out their request 'into thin air' or writing to the Universe because they are not really sure what it is. So I spoke to my angels and they suggested that I write about how the angels can assist. The same principal is adopted but instead of putting an order into the Universe, you will be ordering from the angels!

Cosmic Ordering pic

Over the past few years I have given many talks on Cosmic Ordering either at Mind Body & Spirit fairs, or over the radio. People don't always believe that they can ask for what they want in life if they truly believe they deserve it. Read on to find out how the angels can assist in a very magical way.

  Living in the present

The most wonderful events in my life have been presented to me when I was simply ‘being’ and not trying too hard. Problems occur when we are ‘living in the past’ or wanting to know the outcome of the future. Once you bring your consciousness back to the present, you will start living life to the full. The principal sounds easy in theory and I admit it’s harder to put into practice, but with a positive frame of mind and determination you could change your life forever.

The key to all of this is to know what you want which is not as easy as you think! Most people when asked this question don’t know what they do want. However they know exactly what they don’t want. Because we are creating negative thoughts, the Universe will assume that this is what we want, and will grant us exactly what we have asked for albeit unconsciously. If we carry on this way, we miss the wonderful and synchronistic events that occur every minute of every day.

  Visualise an angel

So to make Cosmic Ordering simple, why not ask the angels for the same thing? It makes it easier for many to ask the celestial realms for help as they can visualise an angel in their mind's eye when writing down their request. As long as you use positive words, the right intention and truly believe your request will come true, it doesn't matter who you ask, although the angels are always waiting in the wings. Read on to find out how.

  Ask and you shall receive

First of all, find your quiet space. Turn off the phone, make sure you won't be disturbed, have a writing pad and a pen to hand. If you want to deepen your connection with the angels, hold a piece of cleansed smoky quartz crystal, this protective stone helps you to reach your goals and can make wishes come true by grounding their essence into reality. Light a white candle and close your eyes whilst holding the crystal in your predominant hand. Visualise an angel and say this mantra out loud. "Dear angels please grant my wish. (say what it is you would like using positive words only.) I believe and trust that you have heard my request and will deliver it within divine timing. Thank you, thank you, thank you"...

  Write it down

Now write down what you have asked for. Address it to the Angels in the celestial realms. Make sure you believe 100% in your request and again, use positive words only. Sign your order, date it, fold it up, and place it in a secret place.

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