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So much has been written in the past about what people see at their time of passing. You may have heard family members saying that their loved one was in a calm state of being, and held their hand out to someone, or had a smile on their face. When working on the show Rescue Mediums, we had to communicate with spirits who were stuck and once we gained more knowledge about their earthly life and knew they were ready to go to the light, our aim was to guide a loved one from spirit forward to welcome the confused spirit over to the light.  I have had many, many experiences of this - and have seen the most amazing, and totally beautiful images of loved ones stepping forward in the light, as they welcomed and guided their loved one to the afterlife. I see this as a doorway to the next plain, and once the spirit has gone through the light, I shut the door, and seal it. Spirit Rescue's haven't only been conducted on the show. I have done other rescue's in the UK and here in Spain. One example is when I was living in our old house in the UK. I had heard unexplained noises for a while and a very deep cold in the spare bedroom. One evening in the early hours I heard a rattling noise. I ran downstairs into the kitchen and there, on the window sill, was a large cup rattling around on the saucer. I asked it to stop and it did.  That night I had a dream about a little boy who was reaching out to me through my Grandchildren by playing with their toys late at night. This explained why their toys went off in the cupboard when no-one was there. The strangest sound I heard was what sounded like a ball rolling round and round once it was dark. It stopped when I asked it to, but I knew I couldn't leave this any longer. The child spirit also played with an angel on a chain which was hanging by my bed. I could hear it tinkling by my head. The only way this would happen is if someone was playing with it.  I called my friend Sarah who came to help. During the day, we put flour down on a board and some tiny toys around it and some coins. Spirit (especially children) will often move these items as they cannot resist playing with them. However, just before we carried out the rescue, nothing had moved. We conversed with the sad little boy and his story was heart wrenching. He appeared holding an old fashioned spinning top and I realised that was the noise I had heard - it wasn't a ball after all.  It took us a few hours, but eventually, we were able to gain his trust and the love he felt as he ran into his mother's arms was indescribable.  We saw many Orbs on the photographs we had taken, and a bright red light on a book I had about Spirit Guides.  But the most beautiful gift was as Sarah and I were clearing up. There, in the flour, was the shape of a big heart.... Having worked with spirit over the years, it is evident that they don't want us to worry about them. They are in a place of wonder - a place that is full of unconditional love and serenity where negative emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, worry etc do not exist. Each spirit that comes through is different - Some have me and my client howling with laughter. Some have such infinite love and I can feel it so very deeply that we are both in tears, but they are tears of joy that this wonderful being is no longer suffering in pain or discomfort.  I have had spirit dictate poems to me describing what they see (vivid colours) - what they feel (total peace) and how their love shines on...  Very often, spirit will give me predictions of things coming in around their loved ones on the earth plane. This information is shared with me even before my client arrives for their appointment. Spirit can see into the future - for there are no restrictions like time in the Spirit World, as the vibration in which they exist is infinite. When doing platform work, it's a way of working again, in a different way, but spirit come through nevertheless. It just means that not all the audience members will get a message. However, when spirit does come forward it is often as mind blowing and entertaining for those who don't get a message as those who do!  If your loved one had a fabulous sense of humour on the earth plane, this is usually one of the things that are evident to me the very second that they step forward! Just as we are unique, so are our loved ones in spirit, so no two are the same. Some of the information can sound bizarre, but it will come in, in some way.  All you have to do is to have an open mind, and believe in their boundless love.

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